Missing Grades Data Dictionary

The Missing Grades dashboard displays the total number of unreported grades by Term, College, Department, Subject, Course Number, and CRN.

The following assumptions were made in compiling the data used in this dashboard:

  • The Course Term Code >= 200902 (Summer 2009)
  • Deceased students with unreported grades are not included
  • Law School classes are not included
  • Course Sections associated with the MD program (Section 50) are not included. All other SMHS courses are included.
  • COOP, EXCH, UNIV sections are not included
  • Course must be flagged as "gradable" in Banner, and does not include Discussions, Drills, Recitations, Labs, Field Work, or Self-Paced Courses

Listed below is an alphabetical list of data elements used in the Missing Grades Dashboard, and a brief description. To search for a specific data element, please use your browser’s “Find” ability to type in the data element you are searching for.

Data Element Name Data Element Definition
Course Description of the course
Course College Name of the College that is offering the course
Course Department Desc Department in the College that is offering the course
Course Number The number assigned to the course
CRN (Course Reference Number) The unique number that is assigned to a course in a term
Course Term Code The numeric code for a term (e.g. 201301 = Spring term in 2013)
Grade Outstanding? The number of students that have not received a grade
Grade Submitted? The number of students that have received a grade
Primary Instructor Name Primary Instructor's Name (Last Name, First Name)
Section/Course Title Section or Course Title
Subject Code Up to 4-char code identifying a subject
Total Grades Sum of [Grade Outstanding?] and [Grade Submitted?]
% of Grades Outstanding [Grade Outstanding?]/[Total Grades]