Parent Information

As college is a time of transition into adulthood and independence, we encourage students to take the initiative to contact our office with any questions or concerns. One of the best things that you can do as parents to empower your student(s) is to provide them with the resources that they need to directly address their concerns.

How can I get proof that my son or daughter is enrolled?

Self-service enrollment certificates are now available to students from the National Student Clearinghouse via a GWeb link on the Student Profile. Your student can print an enrollment certificate which will include a section to write in a policy number if you are providing it to a third party.

How can my son or daughter defer previous student loans?

Loan companies generally need proof of full-time status for undergraduate students and at least half-time status for graduate students to continue to defer student loans.

The student can provide forms from the loan company, or we can provide a letter of enrollment for the current semester. The student should complete a Request for Certification Services. These requests are generally completed within three 3-5 business days.

How can I help my son or daughter if they are having trouble registering?

We encourage students to take independent initiative and call our office at (202) 994-4900 if they are having trouble with registration. In addition, unless your son or daughter has submitted a Student Consent form, we will be unable to discuss their detailed class schedule with you due to FERPA regulations.

If a student cannot register for a specific class online because it is closed, he or she should contact the professor to see if they could be signed in to the course. The student will need to complete an RTF-EZ form, have it signed by the professor, and submit it to our staff in Colonial Central. The Office of the Registrar cannot create additional seats in closed courses.

Sometimes a professor will sign students into a course above the actual capacity of the classroom, and we cannot process these registration requests. In such instances, we recommend that students contact their advisor about finding another course that is open for registration and will fit their schedule.

How can my son or daughter take a semester off but return to GW afterwards?

Students can register for a leave of absence for up to one year using the Leave of Absence/Continuous Enrollment form (students must register each semester). They should work with their academic advisor and Dean's Office for approval of the leave of absence. Any student who does not return to the university after the approved leave period, or who does not register for a leave of absence, must be readmitted in order to continue their studies at GW.

How can I access my son or daughter's education records?

Please consult the FERPA and Student Consent information under University Policies.

A student's education record may only be released to parents or other third parties under one of the following conditions:

  • The student has provided consent through the Student Consent form
  • In compliance with a subpoena
  • In connection with a health or safety issue
  • Submission of evidence that the student was declared a dependent on the most recent Federal Income Tax forms, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, Section 152, through the Financial Dependency form