One of the benefits of the University’s current Business Intelligence (BI) initiative is access to easy-to-understand data visualizations, presented as a dashboard. As the steward of student academic data, the Office of the Registrar is working on a library of data dashboards which will be linked from this page. Each dashboard will have a corresponding Data Dictionary to aid the user in interpreting the data being presented.

Due to the sensitive nature of each dashboard's data, access is secured and must be granted for each individual user. To request access to specific Registrar dashboards, please send an email to [email protected] including your:

  • Full Name
  • GW UserID
  • The name of the dashboard you want to access
  • The business reason for your access
  • The name of your director or associate dean

Those who already have access may use their GW UserID credentials whenever prompted to log in.

If you are accessing this page from outside of the GW network, you must establish a secure VPN connection before being able to log into any of the dashboards. Please visit this page to sign into the VPN first.

Click on a link below to access that specific dashboard.

Manual Registrations Dashboard
The Manual Registrations dashboard displays information relating to the processing of manual registrations requested via Registration Transaction Forms. Office of the Registrar Use Only.

Missing Grades Dashboard   
The Missing Grades dashboard displays the total number of unreported grades by Term, College, Department, Subject, Course Number, and CRN.