Accessing DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:

Students: Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP

Advisors: Faculty → DegreeMAP


DegreeMAP reduces confusion by providing the ability to monitor progress toward program completion, review outstanding requirements prior to registration, and in some cases can also reduce time-to-completion. The use of DegreeMAP brings a measure of consistency to the application of University and School/College rules.

Included within DegreeMAP is a powerful exception handling capability to allow for Schools and Colleges to grant specific exceptions for individual students on individual requirements. Guidelines for writing and approving petitions are availalble on our Petitions website. If your academic history is not being applied the way you expect, please contact your academic advisor.

Benefits of using DegreeMAP:

  • Provides a framework for meaningful conversations between students and advisors
  • Improves transparency about program requirements
  • Facilitates tracking of progress toward program completion
  • Serves as a planning tool for future registration 
  • Assists in making more strategic course registration choices
  • Documents advisor notes and exceptions permitted for individual students
  • Offers "What If..." functionality to see the potential impact of planned course registration on current curriculum or explore the potential effects of a change in major, minor, or concentration
  • Offers GPA calculators to project cumulative GPA


Questions about DegreeMAP?

Students should contact their academic advisor with any questions they have regarding the information presented in DegreeMAP.