Personal Information

How do I update/correct my name in my record?

Please submit a Biographical Update form with copies of appropriate documentation as indicated on the form. If you have recently applied to graduate and would like the change to be reflected on your diploma/certificate, be sure to follow up with [email protected] to confirm the change.

How do I update my gender in my record?

Students wishing to update the gender entry may submit the Biographical Update form.

How do I update my address?

You may update your address through the Biographical Update form. If you experience difficulties updating through that form, you can use the Personal Information Menu in the GWeb Information System. If you have recently applied to graduate and would like to update where your diploma/certificate will be mailed, be sure to update the "Diploma" address specifically.

How do I find my GWid number?

Your GWid is a 'G' followed by a series of eight numbers. If you have forgotten your GWid, you may use the retrieval tool to look it up or contact the IT Support Center at (202) 994-4948.

How can I get a PIN for the GWeb system?

Initial student PINs are six characters long and are generated according to the student's date of birth, in a MMDDYY format. You are strongly encouraged to change your PIN, which you may do through the Personal Information menu of the GWeb Information System. If you don’t know your PIN, please try one of the following options:

  1. If you have logged into the GWeb Information System before and have set up your security question and answer, enter your GWid on the GWeb Information System login screen and click on the "Forgot PIN?" button. When presented with your security question, enter the answer that you previously supplied and follow the instructions to reset your PIN.
  2. If you have not set up a security question and answer, click on “HELP” and follow the instructions.

Class Scheduling

What is a CRN?

A CRN is a 5-digit course reference number. All sections, including lectures, labs, discussions, etc., will have a unique CRN. We use the CRN to identify a course in the Banner administrative records system. While you need a CRN for registration purposes, you can always search for classes in the GWeb Information System and in the Schedule of Classes by subject and course number or title.

What is a cross-listed course?

Cross-listed courses are frequently interdisciplinary courses that are offered under two or more subjects. They meet at the same time and in the same classroom, are taught by the same instructor, and usually have very similar, if not the same, course titles. Courses can be cross-listed within and across departments.

What is a linked course?

A linked course is a course that has a required lab, discussion, or recitation section associated with it. While the lab/discussion/recitation will have its own CRN, it must be taken during the same semester as its corresponding lecture. When registering for a linked course, you must register for both the lecture and its associated lab/discussion/recitation at the same time. Likewise when dropping these courses, you must drop both CRNs at the same time.

What does it mean if a cross-listed course is closed in GWeb, but there are still seats available?

Each individual course has its own enrollment cap, but the courses combined have one overall cap that can be reached through any combination of the individual caps. When one of the cross-listed courses is closed, it does not mean that the other is closed. If you see that one of the courses is closed but seats are still open, check the other course(s) to see if there are any open seats


When can I register for classes?

Priority registration for fall and spring semesters opens by earned credit hours, in November for the spring semester and in April for the fall semester. The semester registration schedules are available in the Registration section of our web site. Registration for summer sessions generally opens in late March/early April for all students.

How do I know if I have a hold?

Students can check their holds in the GWeb Information System. It is recommended that you check your holds at least one (1) week prior to registration and again just before your assigned date.

What do the course numbers mean?

Courses were last renumbered in Fall 2010 for all colleges and schools:

  • 1000 to 1999: Primarily introductory undergraduate courses.
  • 2000 to 4999: Advanced undergraduate courses that can also be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work.
  • 5000 to 5999: Special courses or part of special programs available to all students as part of ongoing curriculum innovation.
  • 6000 to 6999: For master's, doctoral, and professional-level students; open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office.
  • 8000 to 8999: For master's, doctoral, and professional-level students.
Why can't I register for a class if the professor signed the RTF-EZ?

Sometimes a professor will sign students into a course above the actual capacity of the classroom, and we cannot process these registration requests. In such instances, we recommend that students contact their advisor about finding another course that is open for registration and will fit their schedule.

How can I take a class at another university through the Consortium?

GW students should review the information on our Consortium web page to register. Visiting students should review Consortium information at their home institution.

I need to take a semester off from GW. What should I do?

Students should work with their academic advisor and Dean's Office to register for a leave of absence using a Registration Transaction form. Any student who does not return to the university after the approved leave period, or who does not register for a leave of absence, must be readmitted in order to continue their studies at GW.

Transcripts & Certifications

How can I get proof that I'm a student?

Self-service enrollment certificates are available from the National Student Clearinghouse via a GWeb link on the Student Records menu. We can also provide a letter of registration for a future semester if you submit a Request for Certification Services form. The Certifications section of our web site describes the various other types of certifications that we can provide based upon information in your student record.

How can I defer my student loans?

Loan companies generally need proof of full-time status for undergraduate students and at least half-time status for graduate students to continue to defer student loans. You can provide us deferment forms from your loan company, or you can obtain an enrollment certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse via GWeb.

How can I order a copy of my transcript?

Transcripts can be requested online through Parchment Transcript Services. Please refer to the Transcripts section of our web site for details.

Graduation & Diplomas

How do I apply to graduate?

Students must submit a graduation application by the deadline for that semester or summer session. You must also be registered for the semester or summer session in which you plan to graduate.

I graduated last week. Why isn't my degree on my transcript?

Graduation Services must receive degree clearance from your school or college in order to award your degree. Clearance can take 6-8 weeks following the commencement ceremony. If you need verification of graduation prior to your degree being awarded, please contact your Dean's Office.

When will I receive my diploma?

Once you have been cleared for graduation and your degree awarded, your diploma will be ordered. Delivery can take an additional 6-8 weeks following degree clearance.

I no longer have my diploma and need one for employment purposes. How can I get a copy?

Alumni who wish to obtain a replacement copy of their diploma must submit the Diploma Replacement form with appropriate payment. Please note that the Office of the Registrar does not keep copies of diplomas on file.