Reservation & Rental Policies

Priority Basis and Registration Protocol

General purpose classrooms are dedicated primarily for the use of the academic instruction. All other uses of general purpose classrooms are secondary. The following is the priority basis:

  1. Regularly scheduled degree credit classes, on-campus programs
  2. Regularly scheduled degree credit classes, off-campus programs
  3. Examinations
  4. School Special classes/class meetings (i.e. make-up classes, review classes)/program/departmental meetings
  5. Special academic events (i.e. guest lectures, symposia)
  6. Student organization meetings
  7. Non-GW organizations (only during the Summer semester)
General Rules for All Groups

All classroom requests should be submitted using the online request form at least five working days prior to the date of the event. 

Submitting a request does not guarantee a room. We will open EMS for event requests and begin processing requests for a semester one month prior to the first day of classes. Your reservation is not confirmed until you received a CONFIRMED email from the Academic Scheduling Office (ASO). We will try to put you in your requested room, but it is not always possible. Submitting a request does not guarantee a room.

Groups using classroom space should be cognizant of neighboring classrooms and offices. Hallways and common areas should remain quiet at all times, and noise in reserved classroom space should not disturb classes, faculty, or staff. ASO and University Police have the authority to ask groups not adhering to these policies to leave the building. For this reason, practices, rehearsals or performances are restricted to certain classrooms and/or times when there will not be interference with academic activities.

The group using the space is responsible for leaving the room as they found it. If there are damages to the facility, the group is responsible for the ensuing cost of any additional clean-up or repairs. Additionally, the group may lose their reservation/rental privileges. Groups may not hang any pictures, posters, or other types of displays on the walls of the classrooms or hallways. ASO reserves the right to charge cleanup or maintenance fees from student organizations or departments.

Heating, AC, electricity, and normal custodial services are provided but are not maintained or serviced by ASO. We will not provide refunds if these services are not satisfactory.

No food or drink is allowed in any classroom.

The university does not provide easels, flip charts, markers, or related supplies.

GW student groups needing to rent tables or chairs for events should contact MSSC Equipment.

If the scheduled event will be held at a time when security is required, the group scheduling the event must make arrangements with the George Washington University Police Department (GWPD) at (202) 994-4533. 

Student groups and GW departments or offices wishing to cancel their reservation should email [email protected] within five (5) business days of the event. Repeat cancellations may result in the loss of reservation privileges. Refunds will not be given for events cancelled less than five (5) business days before the scheduled date of the event.

All necessary payments must be received in full by ASO within five (5) business days of receipt of your tentative confirmation.

When, under extraordinary circumstances, a scheduled GW class must be moved to accommodate an event request, a replacement room must be reserved and paid for as well. Your group will be charged the rental rate for both rooms as well as the University Police Department charges for opening an otherwise-closed building.

ASO does not rent space to non-GW groups or organizations during the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).

Student organizations may rent space out for events and meetings, but cannot rent space for study hours during the scheduled Reading Days and the Final Exam week. There are designated areas on campus that can be used for study space. Student organizations can schedule no more than 2 weekly reoccurring events. 

Payment for Classroom Reservation

Payment can be made via credit card or check. To pay classroom rental charges via check, please make the check payable to The George Washington University and send it within five (5) business days of receiving your tentative reservation confirmation. Please include your reservation number in the memo line of the check. The reservation may be cancelled if the check is not received by the date specified on the Invoice:

Academic Scheduling Office
The George Washington University
1922 F St NW
Washington, DC 20052

To pay via credit card, please visit the GW Marketplace, select Office of the Registrar Payment, and follow the steps outlined there.

Technology Fees
If you need to request technology classrooms or any University equipment such as microphones, projectors, or Smartboards, contact Academic Technologies (AT) at (202) 994-7900 to make arrangements. AT will charge groups for equipment usage. 
ASO does not arrange this or guarantee the requested technology will be in the classroom. You should confirm specific technology requests with AT upon reservation confirmation.
Security Fees

If your event is scheduled outside of normal operating hours, security services are required. You will need to make arrangements with the George Washington University Police Department, who will charge an hourly rate for security services, with a minimum of 4 hours. For more information about GWPD security and fees, contact them at (202) 994-6110 or submit an Event Security Service Request.

Student Organization use of General Purpose Classroom Space
Student organizations must be registered with the Center for Student Engagement to reserve a classroom. Only authorized schedulers for the organization can submit a room reservation request using the online reservation system. To find out how to become an authorized scheduler, contact the Center for Student Engagement in University Student Center 427 or at (202) 994-6555.
There is a maximum of 20 rooms allowed for each individual event. Additionally, student organizations cannot reserve study space during scheduled Reading Days and the Final Exam week. 
Because our spaces are designed for academic class use, student organizations should be directing requests for performance or rehearsal space to Gelman Library or University Student Center Events & Venues before reaching out to Academic Scheduling. Otherwise, rooms available for practices, rehearsals, or performances are restricted to certain spaces and/or times when there will not be interference with academic classes. ASO and University Police have the authority to ask groups not adhering to these policies to leave the building. 
Generally, there are no fees for the use of academic space. However, if a student organization broadly markets events as an independent entity or charges any fees for attendance they will be charged 50% of the non-GW rental rate.
Faculty and Staff Use of General Purpose Classroom Space

If there are plans to charge a fee and/or there are over 50% Non-GW attendees, room rental fees will apply. Otherwise, there are no rental fees for GW events planned by faculty or staff intended for University or Department attendees only. 

Should an outside organization contact a department about renting space, a faculty or staff member may act as a sponsor but outside organizations must submit the request themselves.

Non-GW Organizations Use of General Purpose Classroom Space

Non-GW organizations may ONLY rent space through ASO during the Summer semester. Outside organizations cannot reserve space during the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). Non-GW groups may not charge for attendance unless the charges are necessary to recover the expenses incurred in staging the event. Outside organizations wishing to rent a classroom must submit a room reservation request. Requests will not be processed until mid-April for that coming Summer semester.

All outside organizations wishing to rent space at GW during the Summer semester must either be a non-profit or government organization and MUST have sponsorship by a GW school, department, or organization. This confirmation of sponsorship must be submitted in writing to ASO prior to requesting a reservation. All events must be in keeping with the University mission.

Outside organizations wising to rent extra furniture will need to contact the GW-department responsible for sponsoring the event to see if any additional furniture is available and, if not, work with an outside rental company to have items delivered for the event per the policies and procedures for the building hosting the event.  The university does not endorse outside rental companies, therefore, event hosts may choose their own vendor if rentals are needed.

Sponsoring GW departments or organizations are responsible for the non-GW organization they are sponsoring. Unpaid fees or damages by either the GW department or Non-GW organization may result in the GW department losing the right to reserve ASO space for non-class related events in the future.

Classrooms are rented on a partial-day and full-day basis. Please review the rental rates for individual classrooms. Full payment of the remaining balance will be due the business day prior to the event. Failure to submit payment will result in the cancellation of the reservation.

All cancellations must be made more than five (5) business days in advance. Any event that is not canceled within this 5 business day deadline will NOT receive a refund.

By submitting payment, the organizations accept the terms of this policy and agreement.

Contact Us

Please address any questions or concerns to:

Academic Scheduling Office
The George Washington University
(202) 994-4915
[email protected]