Registration Forms


The RTF-EZ is used for registration transactions for the current semester. It requires instructor's signature for registration of closed courses and courses that require permission. Forms may be submitted in person at the Student Services Hub or emailed to [email protected]. The RTF-EZ is used for:

  • Registration into closed courses (not to exceed the classroom capacity)
  • Courses that require permission of the instructor or department
  • Major/Level/Class/Degree restrictions
  • Pre-requisite waivers

You can use the RTF-EZ for registrations up until the 4th week of the semester (2nd week for summer) and for drops/withdrawals up until the 10th week (4th week for summer).

Registration Transaction Form

The Registration Transaction form must be submitted to your Advising Office, they are not accepted from students. The Registration Transaction Form Classic can be used for all RTF-EZ transactions, and must be used for:

  • Exceptions to academic policy
  • Time conflicts
  • Grade mode changes (pass/fail, credit/no-credit, audit)
  • Credit hour changes
  • Exceeding the maximum amount of credit hours you are permitted to take each semester
  • Registration changes made by mail or fax
  • Continuous Enrollment/Leave of Absence
  • Internship courses
  • Registrations beyond the 4th week of the semester (2nd week for summer)