Classes Unavailable in GWeb

Special Registration Categories
Registration for Continuous Enrollment, Leave of Absence, Study Abroad, Exchange Programs, and Cooperative Education cannot be accomplished via GWeb. Your Advising Office must approve registration for Continuous Enrollment or Leave of Absence, and the appropriate office processes registration for Study Abroad, Exchange Programs, and Cooperative Education.

Special Grading Options
Courses that have more than one grading option will default in GWeb to standard letter grading. If you wish to take a course under a different grading mode, such as Audit, it must be approved by your Dean's Office using a Registration Transaction form.

Closed or Restricted Courses
You cannot register on GWeb for courses that are closed or that require special permission to enroll. Instead, you must use the RTF-EZ and get instructor approval to register. Having an RTF-EZ signed by the instructor does NOT guarantee enrollment in a course. Students should never assume that they will be enrolled in a course until it appears on their semester schedule.

Sometimes a professor will sign students into a class above the actual capacity of the classroom. The Office of the Registrar cannot process these registration requests. In such instances, we recommend that students contact their academic advisor about finding another course that is open for registration and will fit their schedule.

Alumni Course Audit
Those wishing to participate in the Alumni Course Audit Program may do so only through the Office of Alumni Programs. Alumni Auditor registration is not permitted through GWeb due to tuition charges for alumni. Any registrations done through GWeb will be charged full tuition rates.

Consortium Registration
You cannot register for Consortium courses via GWeb. Please visit our Consortium web page for information regarding the Consortium program.