Undergraduate Internal Transfer

Students are admitted to a home school at the time of their admission to the university. Those who wish to change their home school must submit a Request for Internal Transfer form to the University Registrar. A university-wide graduation requirement is that students must be registered in the college/school in which their primary major is housed. Some schools may require that certain prerequisite courses have been taken and that minimum grades have been earned before the transfer is processed.

Transfer into a college/school does not guarantee placement in a limited-enrollment major and students will be transferred into an undeclared major. Requests to transfer schools will not be accepted prior to the second semester of the student’s enrollment at GW. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in both their current college or school and the college or school they are requesting to transfer into prior to submitting an internal transfer request.

Deadlines for internal transfers (students may not submit a request prior to their 2nd semester at GW):

  • For fall semester transfer:
         February 15 (for students who have completed transfer prerequisites and students who would like to register for Summer and Fall classes with their new school/college)
         May 31 (for students enrolled in transfer prerequisite courses in the current semester)
  • For spring semester transfer: October 15

Once a request is processed, the transfer is effective at the start of the following semester; transfers are only accepted for Fall or Spring semesters.

Limited-enrollment majors:

  • CCAS: Communication, English and Creative Writing, Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Communication
  • GWSB: BS in Finance
  • GWSPH: Public Health

Prerequisites for internal transfers:

Prerequisite criteria to transfer to chosen college/school must be met before a request is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Elliott School of International Affairs:

  • Complete 24 semester hours in residence at GW with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Complete four of the following five courses: ECON 1011, ECON 1012, HIST 1011, PSC 1001, and PSC 1003 (in lieu of IAFF 1005)
  • Complete the first year of a modern foreign language by coursework or submit documentation showing score from language placement exam that would place them beyond the first year of a foreign language

School of Business:

Students who wish to transfer from another GW school/college to GWSB must have completed UW 1020 and at least two of the following courses at GW and earned a grade of B- or higher in these courses:

  • MATH 1051, 1221, 1252, 1231, 1232
  • STAT 1051, 1053, 1111, 2112, 2118, STAT/ECON 2123; DNSC 1001, 2001; APSC 3115
  • ECON 1011, 1012
  • ACCY 2001, 2002

No exception will be made to the listed prerequisites above for internal transfer into the School of Business.

School of Engineering and Applied Science:

  • A minimum grade of B- in MATH 1220 and 1221 or MATH 1231; AP credit may be used to satisfy this requirement
  • A minimum grade of B- in one of the following: CHEM 1111, BISC 1111 or BISC 1115 & 1125, BISC 1112 or BISC 1116 & 1126, PHYS 1021, or PHYS 1025; AP credit may be used to satisfy this requirement

** Students who do not meet the prerequisite criteria can petition for exceptions to the office of undergraduate programs at the school to which they would like to transfer.**