General Purpose Classroom Use FAQs

Will there be any charges for reserving space?

GW Faculty & Staff: There are no rental fees for GW events planned by faculty or staff intended for University or Department attendees only.

GW Student Organizations: There is no fee for space UNLESS the organization broadly markets events as an independent entity or charges any fees for attendance, in which case they will be charged 50% of the non-GW rental rate.

Non-GW Organizations (non-profit or government): There is a rental fee for the use of space. Classrooms are rented on a partial-day and full-day basis. A partial day is considered four (4) hours or less. Any rental that lasts more than four (4) hours will incur the full-day charge. Please review the rental rates for individual classrooms.

How do I reserve space in the University Student Center?

You will need to contact the USC Team.

What should I do if the classroom I reserved is locked?

The general classroom space rooms should remain unlocked. In the rare event that they are locked, please contact the George Washington University Police Department to have the rooms unlocked. You can call the GWPD Non-Emergency number: (202) 994-6110.

How do I become the authorized scheduler for my student organization?

Your Organization's President should assign you the role of 'Scheduler' on your Engage profile. For questions, you may contact the Org Help Desk at [email protected] to get more information about becoming an authorized scheduler. You can also contact your student org’s advisor for more information. Student organizations registered through Student Involvement & Leadership can reserve classroom space, but the request for space must be submitted by the group’s authorized scheduler.

I did not request technology, so why am I being contacted by Academic Technologies (AT)?

When a reservation is made in a technology classroom, AT is notified and they may reach out to you to find out what technology you intend to use. If you are not planning to use the technology in that classroom please notify AT.

I have questions about technology fees. What office should I contact?

Please contact Academic Technologies at (202) 994-7900 or [email protected] for any questions regarding the technology in the classrooms or technology fees.

How can I order extra furniture?

GW Faculty & Staff: Your department or office FixIT Power User can submit a request.

GW Student Organizations: Please complete the MSSC request form.

Non-GW Organizations (non-profit or government): To inquire if there are any surplus tables/chairs for use by submitting a FixIt service request tickets at or, for outside organizations, sending an inquiry to the "Facilities Events Team" by emailing [email protected].  Please note there are only a limited number of tables/chairs available so events that are larger or held during an active part of the academic year will likely need to procure additional tables/chairs or other furnishings via an outside rental company.  While the university does not officially endorse outside rental companies and event hosts may choose their own vendor if rentals are needed, many events have previously used Allied Party Rentals for rental needs.  

What if another group is using the room that I have reserved?

We recommend that you print or keep accessible your confirmation e-mail from the Academic Scheduling Office to show other groups that are trying to use the room you reserved. If there appears to be a conflict, please contact us at (202) 994-4915. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm.

What if I did not receive a confirmation for the room(s) I requested?

Submitting a request for a classroom does not guarantee a reservation for that room. If you did not receive the room you requested, then it was unavailable for your reservation.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

Log in to your account in our Virtual EMS reservation request system, and under the ‘Reservations’ tab at the top, select ‘View my requests’ from the drop-down box. From there you can select any request you’ve made to see the booking details, make changes, or cancel the request.

The request form isn’t allowing me to submit my request. What should I do?

All groups: We require that you submit a request at least 48 hours in advance. If it is within 48 hours of your event, you will be unable to submit a request through our system.

GW Student Organizations: You must be the authorized scheduler for your student organization in order to submit a reservation request. If you are not the authorized scheduler you will be unable to submit a request. 

If the above does not apply to your situation please contact that Academic Scheduling Office at [email protected].