At least one week prior to your registration time, and again just before, you should check to make certain that you do not have any holds on your record that will prevent registration. You can do this on GWeb by clicking “Student Records & Registration”, "Student Records Information", “View Administrative Holds”.

Holds can prevent you from registering, adding or dropping classes, receiving transcripts, obtaining grades, or graduating. They are placed on students’ accounts for various reasons, such as money due to the university, the need to meet with an advisor, unmet immunization requirements, etc.

A hold can only be removed by the office that placed it. The hold screen will tell you the office that placed the hold and many will include the contact phone number; the DC area code is (202). You must contact that office for assistance. The Office of the Registrar cannot remove holds placed by other offices.

Some common holds include:

  • Student Accounts Hold 994-7350
  • No Active Address: 994-7350
  • SAO Returned Check 994-7350
  • SAcct Bad Address 994-7350
Contact the Student Accounts Office at (202) 994-7350 or [email protected]
  • CCAS-Advising: 994-6210
  • CPS - Advising: 994-9333
  • ESIA-Advising: 994-3002
  • GSEHD -Advising: 994-9283
  • GWSPH-Advising: 994-2160
  • SB-Advising: 202-994-7027
  • SEAS-Advising: 994-6158
  • SON Student Serv: 571-553-0101
Contact the Advising/Student Services Office of your School.
BZA Addr Hold 994-4900 Update your Current local address (DC-area) via GWeb and then email [email protected]
Colonial Health:994-5300 ext 3 Contact the Colonial Health Center at (202) 994-5300 or [email protected]
Registrar-Graduation 994-4900 Update your Diploma address or Name via the Biographical Update Form and be sure to indicate you have applied for graduation on the form. Email [email protected] to add your diploma or certificate back to the order queue.