Online Graduation Application Instructions

Degree-seeking students should apply for graduation via the online graduation application in GWeb

For application deadline information, please see Degree and Certificate Application Deadlines.

Using the Online Graduation Application

  • Log in to GWeb using your GW Email credentials.
  • Click on the "Apply to Graduate" link to begin your graduation application.

1. Curriculum Term Selection

Select the term in which you expect to complete all academic requirements from the drop-down menu, then click submit.
You must be registered in the term of completion. 

If the term you expect to graduate is not listed, it means you are not registered for that term and are not eligible to graduate from that term. Either register for classes in that term or contact Graduation Services as soon as possible at (202) 242-6843 or via e-mail at [email protected] to troubleshoot the issue. Please include your GWID, name, and semester of completion in the e-mail.

2. Curriculum Selection

Click the radio button next to the curriculum for this application, then click continue. 

If you are enrolled in two degree programs, you must complete two applications—one for each degree program. If you are pursuing one degree with multiple majors, you only need to apply once for the degree program. 

If the curriculum you are attempting to apply for is not displayed, STOP.
Do not continue the application process. You must see your College or School to rectify this situation.

3. Graduation Term Selection

Select the Graduation Date from the drop-down list, then click continue.

This is the term from which you will complete all academic requirements. If the term you expect to graduate is not listed in the drop-down menu, it either means that the online application is not yet available for that term or you have missed the application deadline. If you have missed the deadline to apply, your application must be submitted on paper. Please check the Application Deadlines website for specific dates.

Please see the Participation in the Commencement Ceremony section of the University Bulletin for futher information.

Fall graduates may be eligible to participate in the following May commencement, and summer graduates can elect to participate in the May commencement before or after their term of completion. With the exception of doctoral candidates and only if there is a reasonable expectation that they will be able to obtain the needed academic credit hours during the following summer, all students, graduate or undergraduate, who need no more than 9 credit hours to complete their degree requirements may participate in the May Commencement Ceremony. The maximum of 9 credit hours is not subject to petition. Summer applicants who have 9 or fewer credit hours to complete and who wish to attend the preceding May ceremony should check the Application Deadlines website for specific dates.

Do not apply to graduate for a term other than the term you expect to complete your degree requirements.

4. Diploma Name Verification

Review the name displayed on this screen! IT IS THE EXACT WAY IT WILL BE PRINTED ON YOUR DIPLOMA!

Please see the Name of Record section in the University Bulletin for further information.

If there are ANY CHANGES NEEDED to the way your name is displayed (including punctuation, addition or removal of middle name or initial, or spelling out a full legal name, etc.), please submit your application and IMMEDIATELY submit a change request through the Biographical Update Form making sure to indicate that you have Applied for Graduation. A student’s name of record includes the first name, middle initial or full middle name, and the family name. Nicknames may not be used. No prefixes will be printed on a diploma. Only suffixes that are part of a student's legal name will be included on the diploma.

Once your degree/certificate has been awarded, the name can be changed, but a fee will be required for replacements. 

Medical graduates, please note: Earlier name change deadlines are required to prepare for the school live ceremony. 

5. Diploma Mailing Address Selection and Edit

Select the address from the drop-down menu to which your diploma should be mailed, then click continue. 

You can select one of your existing addresses, or select “New” to add a new Diploma (DP) address.

If needed, edit the address you have selected or enter a new address, then click Continue.

Please note: If your diploma is mailed to the address of record and it is returned there will be fee of $25.00 for re-mailing, or $50.00 to replace a lost diploma. Diplomas are mailed via first class US Postal Service 6-8 weeks after degree clearance. Diplomas are not forwarded. If you have any changes to your address after application submission you must submit an update to your "Diploma" address through the Biographical Update Form making sure to indicate that you have Applied for Graduation. If you have not received your diploma 8–12 weeks after your graduation date, check your GWeb transcript to see if your degree was conferred. If it was conferred, you must report not receiving your diploma to the Graduation Services Office within six months. After that time, you will be charged for a replacement diploma. You should also check to see if you have any financial holds on your account. A diploma will only be sent if the amount of your balance is less than $500. If your degree was not conferred, please check with your Dean’s Office.

6. Graduation Application Summary and Verification

Review the application summary page and place a check mark in the box to indicate you have read and understand the information, then click Continue.

After verifying your diploma mailing address, you will see a summary of the information you have entered so far. You must click the check box to indicate that you have verified your diploma mailing address and that you understand that your name will be printed on your diploma exactly as it appears in this application unless you take corrective action prior to the degree being awarded. 

Congratulations! Your graduation application is complete. You may use the View Graduation Applications link to review the information you submitted.