Accessing DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:

Students: Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP

Advisors: Faculty → DegreeMAP


DegreeMAP reduces confusion by providing the ability to monitor progress toward degree and review outstanding requirements prior to registration periods, and in some cases can also reduce time-to-completion. The use of DegreeMAP brings a measure of consistency to the application of University and School/College rules.

Included within DegreeMAP is a powerful exception handling capability to allow for Schools and Colleges to grant specific exceptions for individual students on individual requirements. Guidelines are available on writing a DegreeMAP petition and approving a DegreeMAP petition.   

Benefits of using DegreeMAP:

  • Make better use of your time with your advisee
  • Reduce confusion about degree or certificate requirements
  • Keep better track of your students' progress toward their degree or certificate
  • Help students make better course registration decisions
  • Enter advising notes and request requirement exceptions online
  • Use the "What If..." functionality to explore the requirements for various degree or certificate programs with advisees to help them select the best program for their interests