Accessing DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:

Students: Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP

Advisors: Faculty → DegreeMAP



DegreeMAP is an online advising and auditing tool for degree and certificate student and advisors to use to (M)easure (A)cademic (P)rogress toward completion of their program. The tool will display the requirements for the student’s program of study and apply their academic history to those requirements. DegreeMAP can include in-progress courses to show how currently-enrolled classes will apply to requirements. Please note that your registration standing is based on your total credits earned on your transcript, not your DegreeMAP progress. 

DegreeMAP also allows students and advisors the option to run a "What If…" audit which apply their current academic history to a different set of requirements so that they can discuss how adding or dropping a major, minor, or concentration will impact their progress toward completion. DegreeMAP is available for all students who matriculated in 2007 or beyond with the exception of the MD program. If your requirements are not showing in DegreeMAP or if you have any questions about how your courses are applying, please contact your academic advisor.


In December 2020, the Office of the Registrar went live with an updated version of DegreeMAP Responsive Dashboard. This version includes enhanced planning tools for students and advisors:

  • New mobile-friendly look and feel
  • Additional information in the Student Header Card including declared concentrations, graduation application status, prior degrees and certificates awarded, preferred name, preferred and partial name searches for advisors, a       confidentiality flag, and academic standing status.
  • New report format and views available include:
    • A "historic" audit showing a snapshot at the point of graduation for students continuing into new programs,
    • Class history now available to students
    • Look ahead has now moved to the "what-if" report
    • Registrar report shows advisors underlying coding for requirements (which is a great reference for "hidden" requirements such as attributes, non-course requirements, and course sharing)
    • Toggle worksheet to include of exclude in-progress and/or pre-registered courses
  • Improved plan tools to work in consultation with advisors to map out timely completion of requirements.
  • Direct links to DegreeMAP and University Bulletin Websites

Questions about DegreeMAP?

Students should contact their academic advisor with any questions they have regarding the information presented in DegreeMAP.