FAQs for GW Students

Can I take Nursing through the Consortium?
Nursing is currently an ineligible course of study for Consortium registration. Other disciplines that are not able to be taken through the Consortium include: Off-Campus courses (Distance Education/Online courses are allowed), Independent Study, Study Abroad, Canon Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Physical Education, and Vocational Theology.

Can I take courses through the Consortium if I'm a Law Student?
Law students may take courses at the Georgetown University Law Center. Please contact the GW Law School Records Office for additional information and procedures.

I want to take a course through the Consortium that is offered at GW, but the GW course conflicts with another class or my job. Can I take this course?
Unfortunately, if the same course is offered at GW, the Consortium Coordinator is unable to approve a Consortium registration for that semester. You may wish to work with your academic advisor to determine if there are alternate course options for you.

What do I do if I have schedule conflicts between my GW and Consortium courses?
You are expected to manage your schedule so that you can address any conflicts with courses at GW or with other institutions where you may be enrolled in advance where possible. This may include variations in Academic Calendars for each institution you're attending (for example, when a Monday and Wednesday are swapped to accommodate a holiday) or when make-up days are scheduled. Be sure to check your visited schools' calendars so that you can consult with your faculty at the start of the semester to plan for any missed course content or assignments.

When should I sign up for UMD's Winter term?
You can submit Consortium registration form for UMD's Winter term when registration opens up for GW's spring semester. The placeholder will appear on your spring schedule and will be counted in your spring billing and credit totals. Be sure to submit these in advance of the GW Winter Break to be sure there is ample time to process your request before offices close.

What is the GW equivalent for the course I want to take at the other school?
You will need the equivalent department at GW to evaluate the direct equivalent. Often GW does not have direct equivalencies for all courses in the Consortium. Those courses which do not have direct equivalents may be approved as Special Topics by the GW academic department. Equivalent approvals will determine how the course will be posted to your DegreeMAP.

I sent my Consortium Registration form a while ago and have not received a confirmation that I am registered. When can I expect to hear?
Most visited institutions wait until the start of the semester to begin processing incoming registrations. This is to ensure that each school has ample time for their own students to register for courses first. Given this late notice, we recommend you be sure to have a back up plan in place to register at GW in case your registration can't be accepted. If you have not heard back in the first week of classes (or just prior to the semester for Summer or UMD's Winter term), please email the GW Consortium office to follow up.

My registration was rejected by the visited institution. Do I need to submit a Consortium Drop/Withdrawal form to have the placeholder removed from my schedule?
Your placeholder will be dropped from your schedule shortly after we receive an email from the visited institution that the registration couldn't be accepted. You do not need to submit a Drop form. However, you do need to email the Consortium Coordinator if the class is cancelled after your registration was accepted, or if the drop otherwise takes longer than expected.

Do I need faculty permission from the school I want to attend?
It depends on the requirements of the visited institutions. Check the Schedule of Classes at the school you would like to attend to see if the Schedule indicates that special permission is required. You must include that permission (an email from the professor/department at the visited school is acceptable) with your Consortium Registration form before you submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

The class I want to take at the other school is full. What are my options?
You can contact the instructor of the course and see if they will give you permission. Submit that permission to the Consortium Coordinator at GW and they will forward it to the other institution. This will not guarantee enrollment. The final decision regarding your enrollment rests with the visited institution.

How can I access my visited school’s academic systems (e.g. Blackboard)?
The visited school’s Consortium Coordinator will contact you with information on how to access the electronic systems at that institution. If you receive confirmation of enrollment at the visited institution, but do not receive systems access information, contact the Registrar’s Office at the visited institution for further guidance.

How can I access my visited school’s library?
Most Consortium libraries only require you to use your GWorld card to check out books. If you want to use the library at the University of Maryland you have to contact their Office of the Registrar to obtain a Maryland ID card.

I finished my class but my grades have not yet posted to my GW transcript yet. How long does it take for that to happen?
Grades are generally received from the visited school in batches at the end of the semester and posted to your student record within two business days of receipt. Classes that end early in the semester will typically not be posted until the reporting process begins at the end of the semester. If you are a graduating student and your grade is posted at the visited institution but not on your GW transcript, please email the GW Consortium.

Do I have to pay a bill I received for a laboratory fee from the visited institution?
Students are responsible for paying any applicable course fees with the visited institution. Failure to pay the visited institution may result in a hold being placed on your GW account which will prevent future registration and transcript production.