Accessing DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:

Students: Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP

Advisors: Faculty → DegreeMAP

Petition Approver Guidelines

As approvers, you know your programs better than we do, so we rely on you to make sure all petitions submitted are correct and actual exceptions.  Reviewing petitions can also be a way to do data validation to make sure the requirements are coded correctly or to see if changes need to be made.

If there are changes to a program or you think something looks wrong, do not submit or approve a petition, email the DegreeMAP team to get the audit fixed. Petitions are EXCEPTIONS to the rule for one student.

DegreeMAP Petition Approval Steps

  1. You should have 2 different DegreeMap windows open when approving petitions. One is the petitions management tab, the other is the DegreeMap worksheet so you can look at the student’s audit to ensure the petition is necessary and correct. You will need to log in twice.
  2. Click Process New in the student’s DegreeMap Worksheet to make sure you are looking at the most up to date audit.
  3. Double check the course numbers and titles to make sure they are written in the petition exactly as they appear on the audit. If not, you can either edit the petition in the approvers comments section, or send an email to the adviser who submitted the petition to have them correct it.
  4. Make sure only one request is in each petition. Remember, each requirement needs a separate petition.
  5. Review petition guidelines to make sure each petition conforms to the requested formatting before approving. See
  6. Click the radio button to either approve or reject each petition.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and hit “Submit”

Questions you should ask

  1. Is this course on the student’s record?
  2. Are all course numbers and course titles correct and on the student’s record?
  3. Is this a valid petition just for this student and not an audit issue for all students?
  4. Does the petition only include one request?
  5. Is this petition necessary or will this happen as a result of another petition?
  6. Do I understand what the petition is requesting?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, do not approve the petition; either delete it or send it back to the adviser who initially submitted the request for revisions.