Accessing DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:

Students: Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP

Advisors: Faculty → DegreeMAP

Student DegreeMAP Training

Using DegreeMAP to Track Progress Toward Degree

DegreeMAP is an advising tool intended to be used by students collaboratively with their advisor to keep track of outstanding requirements, to assist in selecting courses during registration, and to help students make the best use of their time here at GW.

Online Tutorials

Click to download the DegreeMAP Student Reference Manual (PDF).


The degree worksheet has a number of symbols to inform students about the status of a requirement. The legend that explains each symbol is located near the bottom of each degree report:



Student LegendStudent Legend


The main requirement indicators are as follows:

  • A green check marked circle indicates the requirement is complete.
  • An empty red circle indicates the requirement is not complete.
  • A half-filled blue circle indicates the requirement will be met upon the successful completion of in progress courses.
  • A blue clipboard indicates a prerequisite requirement.


DegreeMAP is an advising tool and is not a contract. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of and understand the requirements of the selected degree program. Students should contact their academic advisor for assistance in interpreting or verifying the accuracy of any information contained within this report. This audit report is not an academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements.

Questions about DegreeMAP?

Students should contact their academic advisor with any questions they have regarding the information presented in DegreeMAP.