Accessing DegreeMAP

DegreeMAP is accessed through the GWeb Information System:

Students: Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP

Advisors: Faculty → DegreeMAP


Petitions Instructions:

  1. Click Process New
  2. Check the petition’s tab for prior petitions to avoid duplication
  3. Review the audit to make sure that the course you want to use for your petition is on the audit and not already applying to the requirement you wish to petition
  4. Start petitions with college/school code (CCAS, GWSB, ESIA, etc.) and degree (BA, BS, MA, PhD)
  5. List requirements block the petition is to apply to
  6. Explain where to apply the petition and what it’s meant to do; Give the GW course subject and number of the course to be used in the petition as it appears on the audit and student’s transcript; (Waive requirement, substitute, double count, also allow, etc.)
  7. Use the EXACT course number and title as it appears on the audit (with correct spacing and capitalization)
  8. List the requirement to be petitioned EXACTLY as it appears on the audit with requirement label

Note: Petitions that do not follow the proper format will be rejected by the Registrar’s Office.

Questions you should ask before submitting a petition:

  1. Is this course on the student’s record?
  2. Are all course numbers and course titles correct and on the student’s record?
  3. Is this a valid petition just for this student and not an audit issue for all students?
  4. Does the petition only include one request?
  5. Is this petition necessary or will this happen as a result of another petition?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, do not submit the petition. Please email the DegreeMAP team with any questions.

Examples of Proper Petitions:

  • GWSB: BS - Field Concentration in Finance - Substitute MKTG 4150 Salesmanship/Sales Management for MGMT 4159 Marketing: Strategic Planning
  • SEAS: BS - SEAS General Requirements -  Waive SEAS 1001 Introductory Engineering Seminar
  • CCAS: BA- GCR requirements - Apply ENGL 3380 Creative Writing Workshop to Two Courses in Foreign Cultures requirement
  • ESIA: BA - Best Fit, move HIST 1001 from ESIA-Introduction to the Major to ESIA - Supporting Courses in the Liberal Arts, Humanities Courses (6 Credits)
  • CCAS: MA - Program Requirements in Org Sci - Substitute ORSC 6295 Directed Research-Fall 2013 for Managerial Economics requirement

Reminders about Petitions:

Each requirement needs a separate petition, so if you want a course to apply to multiple requirements, you would need to submit multiple petitions, one per requirement. If there is something wrong with a petition that has multiple requests, we will not be able to process any of them.  

If you want something to double count between multiple requirements and the course is already applying in one of those requirements, the petition must explicitly say so using the words "share" or "double count."

If you want to move a course from one requirement to another requirement, the petition must explicitly say so and explain where you are moving the course from.

If you want multiple courses taken in the same semester to apply to the WID block in the undergraduate audit, please note that in your petition.  

Curriculum changes or changes in course level are not petitions.  These are changes that occur in Banner and must be initiated by the school or college.  Petitions should not be requested until changes to the curriculum or course level are processed.

Unless expressly placed in Not Counted, all courses apply to a student’s academic record and GPA regardless of which requirement they fulfill on the audit.

You can only delete an unneeded petition if it has not yet been approved.

Do not delete petitions that you no longer want to be applied.  Please email the DegreeMAP team and ask to remove the exception.  Deleting petitions will not remove the action that was taken within the audit unless the DegreeMAP team deletes and removes the exception. 

Please be as specific as possible.

 When requesting petitions DO NOT do the following:

  • Do not use quotes in petitions, this can cause the petitions page to crash when submitted;
  • Do not submit petitions for students who have graduated;
  • Do not modify or delete petitions that have already been applied to a student’s audit and are under “Petitions applied as exceptions” in the Petitions tab;
  • Do not submit a new petition to correct a petition that was applied incorrectly; contact the DegreeMAP team to correct the error.
  • Do not create a new petition for petitions that have "fallen off" and appear to no longer apply to the audit. Email the DegreeMAP team and we will reapply the exception.